CMR Advisory Ltd is able to provide practical and sensible expert advice in the following areas:

Director Services


Carl Robinson has the relevant qualifications and commercial experience to sit on a company's board as a director or an independent non-executive director.  He understands how businesses work, where issues can arise, and how to deal with them.   

Board Advisory Services


If you do not need to appoint a director or a NED, but your board could do with some support, for example if you need to conduct an independent audit, then CMR Advisory Ltd can manage that process for you, with professionalism and integrity.

Regulatory and Compliance


Dealing with compliance issues and red tape (such as GDPR) can be time consuming and, if you get it wrong, potentially costly and damaging.  CMR Advisory Ltd can take the worry and stress away leaving you to focus on running your business.

Company Commercial Advice


CMR Advisory Ltd can advise on all your commercial matters and contracts: from shareholder and partnership agreements, employment issues, terms of business, third party agreements, your rights and obligations, and enforcement.